Want to Stand Out From Your Competitors? Offer Financing!

With a recent 5.5% growth in the U.S. home improvement industry in 2019 alone, and about a $680 billion forecast revenue for the home improvement market in 2025, according to property management, contractors now more than ever should be looking for ways to stand out in the crowd. 

On your own, your chances of doing so are slim these days, but if you consistently offer financing to your customers, you’ll not only stand out but also have a higher chance of drawing in more customers. Think of when you go out shopping for a car, don’t you focus more on the low monthly payments rather than the full price of the car? In the home improvement selling process with funding, it works the same. Your customers are less keen on the idea of doing an upfront payment job of $10,000 that a competitor offers, yet favors a $250 a month project that you can offer. 

The most effective dealers make offering financing as a part of every sales routine, making sure customers always have other better options than leaving the project. Offering financing can also help open project doors! In the selling process, your customer is more open to the idea of increasing the job when it’s only a few months longer to pay or a few dollars more a month. Upselling has never been so easy!

How is Fund Fast Online different?

No matter a homeowner’s income level or project size, they should know that financing is available, especially with Arlington Financial’s Fund Fast Online product. Fund Fast Online offers the industry’s best financing products, for customers of all kinds. 

With instant approvals, 90 days deferred, fixed and risk-based options and second look (no minimum FICO), Fund Fast Online is surely to appeal and fit a majority of your customers.

Claim your share of the billion-dollar home improvement market growth and close more deals today by selling the customer the complete package: home improvement and financing. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Call (888) 225 – 0332 or email info@fundfastonline.com for more information.

Our Response to COVID-19 😷

Arlington Financial Consultants, LLC. is monitoring the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) news daily with a team of company leaders to ensure we are taking the right precautions on behalf of our clients, company, employees, and all of our partners. We are following the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). We are also implementing recommendations and best practices from Federal and State agencies and construction industry organizations. You can contact us with any questions regarding COVID-19 and our job site best practices: support@fundfastonline.com​

Our company looks forward to moving beyond this crisis as quickly as possible. We will continue to stay in touch and will base decisions going forward on direction from the state and federal government as well as from our clients. The health and well-being of our employees, clients and those of all of our partners is our highest priority.  We appreciate the cooperation of all our colleagues as we all work together to stay safe. ​

All the best to you and your family.​

Stay healthy and safe,​

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