Quick Tips to Help You Close More Deals

The dream of every contractor is to get an abundance of deals throughout the year, ultimately skyrocketing their career and pushing them in front of their competitors. I mean, who wouldn’t want to completely dominate their niche and build a name for themselves?

Now, we understand how this may be difficult to some, considering not every home improvement contractor is a salesperson or have a dedicated sales team. So, to help you achieve this level of success, or even more, we’ve put together some quick, yet highly beneficial tips that aim to help you, the contractor, close more deals.

Tip 1: Greetings Earthlings!

Although this first tip may sound simple, the impact is highly noticeable and effective.

Research shows that 80-85% of deals made through phones usually do not work. This is due to the lack of interest, friendliness and attention that phone calls usually exude.

Many contractors overlook that they are the ones in need of the client, completely forgetting to treat them with such quality. It’s become common to answer customer calls and questions over calls with a simple “Hello” or “Yeah”, but break this habit and lower the unfavoring statistic by using a more inviting approach, such as “ABC Roofing, how may I help to you today?” 

This simple change not only puts the customer at ease right off the bat, but also allows you to create a more interactive atmosphere between you and the customer. Adding a bit of a cheerful tone and being more courteous than usual is the first step to winning the customer and, consequently, the deal. 

Tip 2: Essential Ego

Research has also shown that customers prefer paying a higher amount for a justified product than a cheap unsure product. Banking on this fact, you should first showcase and prove your quality, gaining confidence and obtaining trust from the customer, and then sticking to your price. 

Doing so will showcase that you are serious with your work and in your overall business, captivating the customer, regardless of the price. Everybody knows that nothing truly good comes easy and quality comes at a price.

Tip 3: Offer Financing

Just like you would focus on the low monthly payment v.s. the full price when going out to purchase a new car, your customers will be more open to going through with the project at hand with you if you offer a monthly payment option. In fact, they might even do more deals with you, upselling your job and gaining a loyal customer. 

At no cost to you, Arlington Financial’s Fund Fast Online can offer financing for your customers. 

They’ve been declined by other lenders? No problem! Arlington Financial offers second look financing, just give us a call and we can get everybody set up in no time.

Tip 4: Be prepared

Have everything ready before you fully discuss a job with your customer. Your preparedness will wow the customer and seal the deal! Have the costs, styles, benefits, install time, financing options and your recommendations on hand. Remember, present it all with your top-notch customer service.

Tip 5: Make it look good, Make it Professional

To some, writing quotes for a proposed deal can be the most normal and bland thing in the world, but what many fail to realize is that it actually contributes a great amount to their chances of sealing the deal.

When producing your quote and paperwork, make sure you keep it all professional and most efficient by making it prefilled and ready for the customer’s signature. Don’t forget to add your respective logo in conjunction with making sure the paperwork matches your brand’s overall theme, including your slogan and important information such as business phone number, website URL, and office location.

Close more deals and leverage the selling power of convenient financing every time you discuss projects with a customer!

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