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Who we are & What we do

Our longstanding history in the home improvement financing industry brings trust and confidence to our contractors and their respective customers. In unison, our business model advantages and ideology of putting contractors first puts us above competitors. 

Innovation in the Renovation Industry

Close deals anywhere, anytime.

Our innovative and ever-evolving portal allows contractors to close more deals.

Programs & Services
The best in class indirect home improvement loans available.

Our suite of financing products aim to cover all of the services and products contractors offer, along with meeting all of your customers’ needs and credit profiles.

Facilitate and accelerate sales with our windows and doors financing options.

With our financing, a two window job can turn into a full house project.

Get the job set and done in an instant with our programs that cover all things including roofing. 

When applicable, our stage funding enables you as the contractor to cover the costs of materials needed, enabling effortless fluidity.

Increase sales all around by closing more deals on various home remodeling projects with our customer-orientated programs.

With our programs that feature staged funding and 90 day deferred payments, no project is impossible.

We understand that HVAC problems can happen unexpectedly and are costly, leading homeowners to usually not being prepared for them. With our program, you’ll have the right tools to help homeowners regardless.

“We have always enjoyed a professional and mutually beneficial relationship with our friends at Arlington.”

– Dick Bartolomeo

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